Montana Tanzania Exchange 2025

The Montana Tanzania Exchange 

Chapter 3: “Planting Roots”  

This is an international soccer and cultural exchange with local youth athletes immersing themselves in a foreign culture driven by service. By providing opportunities to work together, we will improve and enhance young lives.

Led by the Montana Futbol Foundation, high school soccer players, and professional coaches, trainers, teachers, a doctor, referee, and engineer from Montana will volunteer at the New Vision School and Sports Club in Arusha, Tanzania. 

This project will serve as an opportunity to break barriers and bring young people together to navigate cultural differences and solve problems together. Furthermore, it will strengthen character and foster leadership skills through rigorous service. Because of The Montana Tanzania Exchange,our youth will come back to Montana with learned strategies to impact our local communities, as future leaders in our global community.

The Montana volunteers will spend two weeks working with New Vision to:

This is the third event in our trilogy. In 2024, we plan to continue our mission and bring players from Tanzania to Montana and return